🌎 Worldbuilding Tools & Resources 📚

This is my list of favourite worldbuilding tools! 🤩
I use all of these on a daily basis to develop my dark fantasy world, Melior!
I love them all so much and highly recommend every resource listed here.

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🧰 Worldbuilding Tools

For even more worldbuilding tools and in-depth tutorials,
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World Anvil

This is my worldbuilding tool of choice, I've been using it since 2017 and it has every feature I could ever need (all in one place).

If you want to see just a glimpse of what it can do, check out my dark fantasy worldbuilding project, Melior.

It's perfect for organizing everything and displaying it beautifully, and the community there is the most wholesome group of nerds you'll ever find. Did you know it even won a gold ENNIE Award?! 🤯

Try it for free, and if you love it as much as I do then enter promotional code MELIOR for 20% off any annual subscription (which also helps to support me, too)!

Build your world

400 Worldbuilding Prompts

I created this interactive Google Sheet packed with 400 inspiring worldbuilding prompts suitable for any project!

Every prompt is genre agnostic so that you can use it for any type of world that you're creating. There's a huge variety of prompts spanning from broad concepts to quirky and complex ideas for you to expand on!

Watch your world grow as you keep track of your worldbuilding progress! Use the notes area next to each prompt to jot down brief ideas, or use it as a place to reference where you've answered the prompt. There's also a bonus printer friendly .pdf version!

It's FREE (or pay what you want!)

Grab your copy!