TJ Trewin is an award-winning worldbuilder who makes resources, tools, and tutorials for people making imaginary worlds.

Self portrait of TJ, who could do with a bit of a hair cut.

Heyo! 👋 My name is TJ Trewin and I like to make shiny things.

I'm a trans guy from the UK 🇬🇧 and I now live in Argentina 🇦🇷 with my husband (we met on World Anvil over our love of worldbuilding)!

Since 2020 I've been nominated for 13 worldbuilding awards and won 5, and on this blog I'm sharing from experience what methods work really well, and how to improve on the things that don't.

5 digital rosette worldbuilding awards

What I'm working on:

  1. ✨ I'm a designer offering icon design, CSS, and worldbuilding consultations as an expert of the World Anvil platform.
  2. 📝 On this website I provide in-depth guides, tutorials, and resources for people who enjoy worldbuilding (for fun, and professionally).
  3. 🌎 In my personal time I love to explore my creativity in new forms in the two worlds I'm building: Melior, and Journals of Yesteryear.

Show me your world!

I'd love to know what you're creating! Ping me on your favourite platform 😄

Email: hello@tjtrewin.com
Pretty much everywhere: @tjtrewin (here are my social links)