About Me

Self portrait of TJ, who could do with a bit of a hair cut.

Hi worldbuilders! 👋 My name is TJ Trewin and I like to make shiny things.

What I'm working on:

  1. ✨ I'm an entrepreneur marketing my art and creative services in CSS, icon design, and digital illustration.
  2. 📝 On this website I provide in-depth guides, tutorials, and resources for people who enjoy worldbuilding (for fun, and professionally).
  3. 🌎 In my personal time I continue to build my dark fantasy world, Melior - a place where I enjoy exploring my creativity in new forms.

Show me your world!

I'd love to know what you're creating! Ping me on your favourite platform 😄

Email: tj@tjtrewin.com
Discord: @tjtrewin#7763
Pretty much everywhere: @tjtrewin